Fender Bassman 1200 Watt Bass Amp Head

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Fender Bassman 1200 Watt Amp Head.  Will be shipped safely in the rack case pictured.  Awesome condition and works perfectly 100%.  This thing totally rocks the house.  AWESOME!!  I will ship anywhere in the continental US for $40.00.  Feel free to ask me any questions that you have.  I accept visa/mastercard via paypal.  Good Luck!!  
Official Description of Bassman 1200
Fender Bassman 1200

Cinch up your belt, `cause the 1200 Pro will blow your pants off! 1200 watts of solid-state power, generated by a cutting-edge toroidal transformer power plant, will not only rock your world, but that of everyone around you. This amp gets loud!

The new Bassman 1200 is made for anyone who needs power to spare, coupled with a host of pro features that will allow you to tailor every detail of your sound! Combining tube and solid-state technology, the 1200 Pro uses two 12AX7 tubes in the preamp for added warmth. 


  • MODEL NAME: Bassman 1200
  • MODEL NUMBER: 021-3300-010
  • SERIES: Bassman Series
  • TYPE: Solid State/Tube Hybrid
  • OUTPUT: 1200 Watts
  • OHMS: N/A
  • CHANNELS: 2 Channels
    -2 Channel Tube Preamp,
    -Split Band Compression,
    -High/Low Compression Level Controls,
    -Compressor EG Balance,
    -Selectable 10 Band Graphic EQ,
    -EQ In/Out Switch,
    -Balanced XLR Line Output,
    -1/4" Phone Line Output,
    -Tuner Output,
    -System Mute (Tuner Only) Switch,
    -Master Volume,
    -Input Pad For Active or Passive Instruments,
    -High and Low Enhancement,
    -Mid Notch Filter,
    -Effects Loop,
    -Mix Control,
    -2 Speaker Output Jacks,
    -Switchable Impedence,
    -Mixable Gain
    -6dB Input Pad,
    Channel 1 Volume,
    Channel 2 Gain,
    Channel 2 Volume,
    Channel Select Switch,
    Channel 1 / 2 Mix,
    10 Band Graphic EQ,
    Low Enhance,
    High Enhance,
    Mid Notch,
    Graphic EQ On/Off Switch,
    Line Out - Post/Pre EQ Switch,
    Low Comp,
    High Comp,
    Comp EQ Balance,
    Comp Gain Trim,
    Master Volume
  • COVERING: Black Steel Rackmount Panel
  • WEIGHT: 32 Lbs.
    Height: 3.5"
    Width: 19"
    Depth: 16"
  • TUBE COMPLIMENT: 2 X 12AX7WA Preamp Tubes
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