Fender 1968 Bassman Amp Silverface Drip Edge Ab165 Circuit all Original

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Here we have an old 60's Bassman head, with the drip edge and AB165 (black face) circuitry. Overall the amp is in great shape. Better than most that I see pop up on here or anywhere online really. I just recently had it taken to a local guitar shop for an overall cleaning and tube testing. There are no noises when the knobs are turned. He said the tubes are original and that they have about 3/4 life left in them. I'm guessing this amp wasn't played a whole lot. The grill cloth is in immaculate condition as is the classic fender logo.  
It has various small nicks, scratches and scrapes all very normal for an amp from the 60's. There is occasionally a small pop sound when plugging in a guitar to the first spot on the bass channel, but it plays fine.  The DEEP switch on the bass channel also makes a small popping noise when flipped. Some of the numbers on certain knobs are fading as well. These are all minor issues, so I figured they would be worth mentioning. This amp sounds fantastic for guitar or bass and I hate to sell it, but I need the money. Please view all the photos. Message me with any other questions you may have! 

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