1969 Fender Bassman Export Amp – Silverface – Dripedge

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Here we have a Silverface Fender Bassman 50-watt head, " Export " model. These amps were produced in the USA for the foreign market for a short time in the late '60s. The presence of the word "Export" on the faceplate makes this quite a rare piece, and this one also has the " Blackline " details, which makes it rarer still. The EIA codes on the transformer dates it to the 21st week of 1968, but the Dripedge and other cosmetics all point to early 1969. For collectors, this would be a nice investment. 

However, all that aside, for players in general, this is one of the all-time GREAT Fender amps. The 69 Bassman still utilises the earlier AB165 circuit, and is virtually identical to the Blackface model. It is the definition of Fender clean, and will start to break up into that Blackface growl at about "4". If you want a little more headroom, you could swap a 12AY7 into V3, I've had some nice results with that. I've replaced all the tubes with new Groove Tubes.

A previous owner had done some mods - a "Slave" output with level control was added to the rear (this was fairly common before modern PA systems), and some component values were changed on the "Bass" channel, to make it more suitable for guitar - most users will agree that the Bass channel is normally unuseable, so in my opinion, this is an improvement. In any case, this being a point-to-point hand wired amp these changes are easily reversed, so purists will be happy!

This amp also has a little history - at one point, it belonged to the guitarist Pete Fisk, of the band Flash 'Arry. They played around the Hull area in the late 70's, and appeared on the "Humber Beat" compilation of 1978. 

Pete stencilled his name, and the band's, onto the underside of the amp - some people might prefer to remove it, I wouldn't dream of it, it's just cool. 
NB. The cab in the photos is NOT included in this sale.
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